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The LVAC Book. The LVAC Spirit. The LVAC Technique.

Learning to Become an Emotionally Competent Adult


LVAC Nation! will teach you about a simple, relationship-healing technique for communicating most effectively and simply with your spouse and children as well as with other people in your life.


LVAC®:Listen, Validate, Ask, Comment

LVAC Nation!: Listen, Validate, Ask, Comment

Developed by an M.D.-psychiatrist, LVAC®  is a simple, yet powerful mnemonic that stands for Listen, Validate, Ask, Comment.  You can use it with your kids.  You can use it with your spouse.  You can even use it with your boss!  And, you will learn to do it in minutes and begin to change your relationships and yourself by reading LVAC Nation!

LVAC Nation!: Listen, Validate, Ask, Comment

When you practice LVAC® and the Spirit of LVAC®, you will learn that:

• LVAC Is About Preserving Or Re-Earning Your "Emotional Credibility" With People

• LVAC Is About Maximizing The Emotional Growth Of Your Children So They Don't Have To Be Limited In Life By The Limitations And Issues Of Your Childhood

• LVAC Is About Restraint

• LVAC Is Not About Controlling: Live And Let Live

• LVAC Is Not Being Responsible For Fixing or Teaching People During A Conflict

• LVAC Is Momentarily Following The Other Person's Agenda To Learn Where They Are Coming From

• LVAC Is Not Overreacting And Shutting The Other Person Down

• LVAC Is Not Feeling Immediately Threatened By The Actions Or Words Of Others

• LVAC Is Maintaining A Sense Of Yourself Despite The Circumstances Happening Around You

• LVAC Is Treating Yourself, Others, and Your Life In A Deliberate Manner

• LVAC Is Learning To Say "I'm Sorry" and "Thank You"

• LVAC Is Allowing Yourself To Live A Life Of Engagement In Your Relationships And In Your Work


LVAC Nation!: Listen, Validate, Ask, Comment

"This has helped to change our marriage.  Thanks much."-John and Paula (NH)

"Since I've been doing LVAC with my daughter, she's gotten calmer, more focused, and less oppositional. Thank you."-Linda (NY)

"We have been using LVAC with each other and the kids.  The kids seem less testy and more cooperative, and my wife and I have also become intimate again."-Rich (MI)

"LVAC has literally transformed my 10 year old.  I've given a copy of the book to his teacher as well and she loves the whole idea!"-Jasmine (RI)


(Above) One reader's marked up and tabulated study copies of Dr. Ferraioli's books

Here are some reader comments about Dr. Ferraioli's first book, Cobwebs And Ugly Wallpaper:

Cobwebs And Ugly Wallpaper- Second Edition: A Collection Of Short Essays About Your Life

"Just finished your book and loved it! You have a way of putting things that are complex into simple terms with practical suggestions and techniques. This will come in handy." -anonymous

"Good book, Dr. F. I'll need a few more copies for the holidays for the family and I know just where to get them! See you next Friday" -PW

"Hi Tony. Thought you might like to know that I plan on using your book in my work with my clients. Your approach to these complex dynamics shows your true talents and, dare I say(?), genius. With great admiration, [name edited out for privacy]" -LS

"Dr. Ferraioli: I really love this little book. It's a handbook for living and it's to the point and very well written. I feel like we're talking when I'm reading this book. The back cover is right "A worn out dog eared and marked up copy of Cobwebs and Ugly Wallpaper is a well used one" -PW

"Hi Dr. Ferraioli, [name edited out] here. Well, you were right, my husband actually read the whole book cover to cover! Thank you so much. The last 'self help' books I put in front of him, he only read the first fifty pages or so, then quit. I think this is how more books should be written, 'short and sweet' just like the introduction says. See you in a few weeks." -MR

"Hi Doc. Some book you wrote! Very nice! My wife read it this past weekend and wants to bring it to her book club (she thought the Chapter "Life is a Push-Mower" was particularly cute. Take care" -EM

"This book is insightful and well written. It is respectful of the reader's time and intelligence. Thank you." -KB

"Great book. Can't say enough about it. I immediately started reading it as soon as I picked it up- it's that kind of book. Very user friendly and fun to read. I've sent for eight more copies through the website info. You should be getting that in the mail in a few days." -GC

"Dear Dr. Ferraioli, Though I've never met you, through reading your book, I felt as though I have. It is written in such a personable and conversational way, after I put it down it was like we had just spoken. I felt uplifted and optimistic as though I had a wise life mentor by my side. Simple but effective. Thank you." -TW

"Anthony, thanks for the book. Read alot of chapters and it cuts through the clutter and gets to the core of being/owning yourself. Should be a nice handbook/guide for people. Regards, [name edited out for privacy]" -PD

"Thanks so much for the book! Very appealing, as well as therapeutic." -RS

"This is a very important book. In my opinion it needs to be read at least twice. Once, straight through..... then, a few days later, it should be read piecemeal again. I really gained a greater appreciation of the overall themes of the book doing it this way. I have also come away feeling that everything about this book has been deliberately placed and worded by Dr. Ferraioli now that I've "studied" it. Thank you." -DN

*Any and all information in LVAC Nation! or any of Dr. Ferraioli's other books, websites, or other materials, are for educational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice or treatment of any kind; nor does access to and use of any of these materials represent a treatment relationship with Dr. Ferraioli.  Also, please note that, despite any claims made or implied on this website, results may vary with each individual's situation.

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